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Full length videos of aspects of the game
Gameplay Teaser
5 Minutes Casual Gameplay

Disclaimer: The person playing is pretty good at the game, people usually take half an hour to complete this world for the first time.

Level Editor
Intro Cutscene
Gameplay Gifs


Divided by worlds and mechanics
El Dorado

This world has most of the art ready, still lacking some polishing and variations in the tiles, like vegetation, moss and vines

Doors and Turrets.gif

Most of the art is close to final, still a lot of polishing and variations to do.​ We will make some elevator animations, bell animation, and more interactable stuff on the background. The shielded enemies will also be reworked

Elevator Bell.gif
Certification Exam

Tutorial, still lacks polishing

Desert Ruins

All art is placeholder, we are changing the theme to something more colorful.

Sentry and Boots.gif
Cyber Disco

All art is placeholder


All art is placeholder, not 100% functional



It's still early in development, but will show some of the overall direction

You play as Matt, a delivery guy who entered a public toilet, flushed and suddenly got transported to the base of a bankrupt secret agency in charge of keeping our timeline together.

Due to the lack of active agents and the agency offering a dental plan to outbid his current wage, Matt accepts the job to save space and time from an unidentified evil organization.

Was he destined to save our world? Who is trying to destroy the timeline? And more importantly, will he be fine when he discovers that the dental plan only covers one appointment each century?

TL; DR (Spoilers)

Was he destined to save our world?

Kind of, it's a self fulfilling prophecy, he was the one in the future that put the public toilet there in the past for himself. He is stuck in a time loop.

Who is trying to destroy the timeline?

It's Matt, the future version of him (called Walt), but he is not really trying to destroy the timeline, he is trying to avoid it from being mistakenly destroyed by Matt.

Will he be fine when he discovers that the dental plan only covers one appointment each century?

Sure, as long as he don't use them before the 20th Century he will be okay.

More detailed overview - Early in development (Spoilers)

Matt is recruited by the agency, in his first mission he defeats the evil organization, they call him their archnemesis. Matt has no idea what it's about, and he arrests (or kills) the main villain (Baron Beloq). You also lose a Public Toilet.


In the second mission Matt faces the same Baron Beloq again but for the villain the first mission has not happened yet. And the game keeps like this for a few missions as you learn more about the evil organization and about the agency you work for.


Then you defeat the evil organization when they are in the might of their power (and they never seen you before) and you see something odd, it doesn't seem like Baron Beloq is the actual boss of the organization, you meet Walt, who seems to really don't like you for some reason.


And your boss, Agent Gin, recognizes him as the one that invaded the agency and incapacitated (or killed) all of her agents right before Matt arrived (you also play that mission as her in a memory machine to confirm it's him).


You track his location to inside the Sun, you then go there to stop him from whatever he wants to do inside the Sun and he offers you a choice, to join him in saving this reality, Matt does not accept and in the process he causes some time traveling shenanigans to happen and the reality is on the brink of destruction.


Walt says something like: "now it's your turn, you will have to become me and try to stop you from destroying the reality" as he dies. Matt is transported to somewhere unrecognizable, alone, no contact with the agency. The game ends.


During the course of the game there will be several hints that Walt is Matt, he survives the destruction of reality, spend a lot of time wandering the remains of time and space. There will still be a society of Reptilians and Robots, you will meet some of them in the game.

Walt manages to go back and join forces with Baron Beloq and he uses all of his resources to cause chaos to attract Matt and stop him (Walt's memory is a little fuzzy, he does not remember everything that happened and how it happened).


In the first mission of the game, Walt is the one to steals one public toilet (the only way to get inside the agency), invades the agency to try and stop Matt. When Walt gets there Matt has not been recruited yet. Walt starts remembering more of what happened, understands the time loop, and that he can't escape it, so Walt sends the first public toilet that recruited Matt, because he knows that’s what he does.


Walt goes to the Sun to wait for him there (that is his best shot, he knows he can't change what happens, the only way to change stuff is in the Sun gravity, or some other time travel shenanigans) and tries to change what Matt will do. Only to fail and understand that Matt will do it all over again.


The true ending of the game (not sure the conditions to trigger yet) will allow him to break the loop and will end with Matt finishing the game's intro delivery.


Portraits are subject to changes.


Download Pre Alpha Build

This version is intended for internal uses at the publisher

Some members of the discord community already made some levels using the editor, feel free to download them to see for yourself. (follow the instructions inside the game on how to play)

Social Media and Contact

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Streamer Reactions

We received a few coverage already of the game, it's fun to see how people react to the game.
They are all early builds and we changed already some things to make the experience better.
Streamers Reaction
15 minutes gameplay from IndieGameiacs
TheOldGolf - Brazilian Streamer Playing with developers in chat
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